Photo of the Month - November 2006


Dale's Gorge

Welcome to an exclusive feature from Scene by Hird: The Photo of the Month! Each month we’ll send a new print for you to enjoy.

Subscribers to Photo of the Month will receive a high quality 12cm print just like the one you see here. Most of these shots have never been printed before, so by subscribing, you will be the first to see these photos.

But it’s not just a beautiful print! The Photo of the Month is your ticket to savings available to few others. (Subscribers to The Photo of the Month: The Connoisseur's Collection get even more benefits, but more on those lucky buggers later ....)

Each month, the full-sized Photo of the Month will be on display in the gallery. Subscribers will be eligible for a 10% discount on the print while it is featured (although the print will always be part of our stock of images, the 10% discount is only valid while it is Photo of the Month). Online subscribers also enjoy the 10% discount when they place an order for the print.

Bring in the sample print of the Photo of the Month and we’ll give you the discount on-the-spot when you purchase the full sized print. Of course, online purchases are also covered, because we will check your eligibility in our database.

If you have purchased a print from our gallery, you’ll receive a complimentary subscription for the Photo of the Month for one year. We send you these photos as our gift to show our appreciation for buying one of our prints and supporting our gallery. Every person who buys a print from us gets the Photo of the Month sample print sent to them for a year and gets the 10% discount - even if they bought the print for someone else!

If you haven’t previously purchased a print, you can subscribe to the Photo of the Month mailing list for only $29.50 per year. In any case, we’ll be sending you the first three photos without obligation, unless you contact us asking us not to. They’re yours to enjoy, gratis! And so is the discount ....

Of course, your 10% discount could completely repay your subscription fee in one go if the Photo of the Month is $300. Any further purchases become a bonus. As a further benefit, your subscription anniversary is extended a year from the date of each purchase!

If you’d like to be included and you haven’t purchased a print from us, please fill in the subscription form by clicking here. If you have purchased a print, sit back and wait for the next photo to appear in your mailbox – you are covered until April 2006 or twelve months after your last purchase.

Graeme Hird


What's "The Connoisseur's Collection" and why are those "lucky buggers" raving about it?