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"The Connoisseur's Collection"

Dale's Gorge

Are you a connoisseur of fine photographic prints? Do you wish you could afford more of the prints you’ve admired in the Scene by Hird gallery? If you answered yes to either of these questions, please read on.

Scene by Hird is now offering a “Connoisseurs Collection” of 10 inch Photos of the Month. These prints are works of art in their own right. Hanging these prints in your house will compliment any décor.

Each individually numbered print is worth at least $70 and will increase in value, as they are strictly limited edition. We only print enough to supply our subscribers. That means “Get In Early!” – the earliest subscribers will be privileged with the most complete collections.

A Connoisseurs Collection subscription gives you even more benefits than a standard Photo of the Month subscription:

• A 10% saving on all prints displayed in the gallery.
• A 20% saving on the marked price of the Photo of the Month as it hangs in the gallery.
• One free custom frame per year for a Connoisseurs Collection print, to the value of $100. You choose which photo to frame and the frame.
• We supply an exclusive Scene by Hird collectors album to keep your valuable prints safe if you choose not to frame them.

With each print worth more than $70, we think this would be a fantastic offer, even if we weren't’t offering all these other benefits!

The Connoisseurs Collection prints are not available to anybody except subscribers – the public will not be offered these special prints. You can’t buy them in the gallery for love nor money!

A Connoisseurs Collection subscription makes a great gift for a special friend, colleague or relative! Each month we send them a print, so they’ll remember your thoughtfulness throughout the year.

This offer is only available by subscription. For a low $28.50 a month* you can secure these special prints and the amazing benefits. We’ll mail the prints to you so your collection will grow without requiring special trips into town.

So, are you interested in beautiful prints at a fraction of their normal price and a host of other benefits? Subscribe here and they'll be on the way to you shortly. You can also ask more questions about the Connoisseur's Collection on the same page without obligation.


Graeme Hird

* Minimum 12 months subscription


(Look at photos.)