All of the images in this folder are Limited Editions. Most have 10 prints available, although some are "one off" prints and others may have 3 or 5 prints in the edition. The pricing table below each print indicates how many prints are in the edition and the price of each print when we sell it.

If an edition is sold out or you want a particular numbered print that has already sold, you may contact us to make an enquiry. We'll contact all the owners of those prints to find out if they would like to sell their print to you. They will set the price and we will charge a 20% agent's fee on the transaction (included in the price you'll be quoted.)

If you are the owner of one of these Limted Edition prints and would like us to sell your print, please contact us and we'll advertise it for you. With luck and perseverance, we may be able to find a buyer for you and realise a profit on your investment.

We will refurbish the print and/or it's frame before sending it on, should either be damaged by the previous owner.

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